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PSX PSP ISO Game Torrent Details

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Torrent Creation Date:
Thu, 18 Jan 2007 17:34:47 +0000
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989.28 MBs
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1 MB
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Comments (15)

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Robbs Escobar (US) says...
Here is the solution For the ones with the disc 1 error after squaresoft banner. Have to download Popsloader and do the whole thing to install the seplugins folder to the root of the momery stick, just copy and paste, restart your PSP. Now when start disc 1 press and hold R1 from your Psp, and hold it until pop up a black window with the versions of Popsloader, so when you are in this screen choose the version POP 3.71 and it should run just fine. However I have try it after the komodo boss
10th April 2012 11:05am
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md (US) says...
can this game worck on my psp 6.35 pro b3
2nd April 2012 4:21pm
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Traveller (US) says...
I can\\\'t get CD1 to work by any means. I tried to load it from the CD2 menu but when it prompts me to load Disk 1 it just freezes and I can\\\'t do anything. Can sby plz help? I rly want 2 play this game!!!!
22nd February 2012 12:16am
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Confused (US) says...
Help :( I\\\'m confused, the screen stays black after the Squaresoft banner. I couldn\\\'t create a new game from the disc 2, I don\\\'t know how. My PSP is 5.50 though.
16th January 2012 10:30pm
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DDL (US) says...
24th December 2011 5:50am
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B-Chan (US) says...
A little help: Instructions: Never forget our old friend \\\"Save-As\\\". Right click the torrent name, save to your HD, and then open with your torrent program. Disc Swapping: I had the same Disc 1 error. So, I loaded a save file/created a new game with Disc 2 loaded. Then, when prompted, I loaded disc one from THAT menu. Works just fine. Only 30 extra seconds. Mama Komodo: I have not verified that it passes Mamma Komodo.
11th December 2011 12:16pm
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Jangalian (US) says...
I downloaded this, and 3.80pops. Disc 2 works fine, without needing to change pops version, but Disc 1 stops working before the Squaresoft banner loads up. Can anyone help me, or is this a problem with the download? The creator\'s page is in spanish. =_=\'
11th September 2011 2:54pm
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